Hymnis + Hvalfugl (DK)

Hymnis + Hvalfugl (DK)

A double feature in the dark of Dome of Visions after sunset. Hymnis Hymnis combines traditional Scandinavian psalms and song with the soundscape of jazz, giving the songs a new format while preserving their original expression. In a harmonious and rhythmically experimenting universe, the old Danish songs, which we all know so well, are given new life. Hear the songs arranged for a new lineup and sound played by four young, talented jazz musicians. Hvalfugl The folk music trio Hvalfugl plays captivating melodies in beautiful arrangements. Dream yourself to serenity as the story of Scandinavia's ancient music tradition is united with the modern 'Nordic sound'. Hvalfugl finds itself in the crossfire between the breezy and the heavy. They are inspired by Danish and Swedish folk music tradition and have created their very own soundscape. Here, the sun shines from a clear summer sky, or the rain drizzles down from a grey November cloud. Hvalfugl's original compositions are both pretty and melancholic, and evoke an intimate atmosphere from the very first chord. In January 2017, Hvalfugl recorded 12 tracks for their first CD By, where the recurring themes centre around different worlds under the same roof.


Hymnis: Jascha Briand (g), Jakob Lundø (p), Thorbjørn Stefansson (b), Johannes Bohn (drm)
Hvalfugl: Jeppe Lavsen (g), Jonathan Fjord Bredholt (p, org), Anders Juel Bomholt (b)

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