July 13 - 20 2024
Emil de Waal og Gustaf Ljunggren bliver centralt omdrejningspunkt

Artist Residency with Emil de Waal and Gustaf Ljunggreen

12/6/2024 | Forfatter:

Throughout the week at Aarhus Jazz Festival, you can experience musicians Emil de Waal and Gustaf Ljunggren around the festival. The two musicians are this year's artist residencies, which means they will be part of many different musical contexts at the festival

“I was overjoyed when we were asked. I could see so many exciting scenarios and opportunities to create music together with the audience and other musicians. It's amazing to have the opportunity to play such a big part in the whole festival in Aarhus through many special moments,” says Gustaf Ljunggren.  

Emil de Waal is a drummer and Gustaf Ljunggren is a multi-instrumentalist. Together they are a dynamic duo that has been playing together for over 25 years. They have made countless collaborations with other musicians and played on stages all over the world. For the two artists, openness, curiosity and integrity are some of the most important elements of their musical collaboration.

“I really think something magical is created when we throw ourselves into playing with other bands and musicians. As a duo, we're not afraid to experiment and enter into completely new and different contexts. This is how we continue to develop ourselves and our music. It's an important value for both of us - and it means a lot to our friendship and collaboration,” explains Emil de Waal. 

In 2023, Emil de Waal and Gustaf Ljunggren released their third album as a duo titled 'Stockholm, Copenhagen'. The album shows the duo's preoccupation with electronics and programming, balancing between acoustic and electronic. 

For Aarhus Jazz Festival 2024, Emil de Waal and Gustaf Ljunggren will be collaborating with a wide range of artists in different genres and constellations throughout Aarhus. You can experience them performing jazz & spoken word together with young artists from youth communities in Gellerup, Aarhus C, and West Jutland. At Musikhuset Aarhus, you can also experience them help revive the band Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, and at CasaV58 they play with vocal star Emil Otto and experienced musicians from Aarhus Jazzklub All Stars.

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