July 13 - 20 2024
Den danske sangskat får nyt liv på Aarhus Jazz Festival

Jazzy interpretations of traditional danish songs

28/6/2024 | Forfatter: Rikke Engsig Nielsen

ATTENTION Please note that the concert "Jakob Anderskov "I sang" and Aarhus Sinfonietta" has been moved from Skt. Lukas Kirke to Sct. Pauls Kirke

At the festival, Jakob Anderskov will present a unique combination of jazz improvisation, composition and group singing, performed by both jazz musicians and classical musicians. He is known for his ability to build a bridge between the Danish cultural heritage and the improvisational approach of jazz.

 "I believe that in this way we can discover something new in the songs we have sung in the same way for so many years - and at the same time create new paths to great listening experiences," says Jakob Anderskov.

The audience will have the opportunity to sing along to beloved classics such as 'Jeg ved en larkrede', 'Du danske sommer' and 'Danmark nu blunder den lyse nat' in an atmosphere of improvisational community where anything can happen under the direction of concert experienced musicians .

"Our cultural heritage must always be up for renegotiation. It is the artist's task to both retell and reinterpret what carries our common understandings. I think it is necessary for the collective singing tradition to continuously change if we are to really be able to feel what it is about," he says.

But it's not just the high school songs that get a jazzy makeover. As part of Bazarjazz, the Aarhus ensemble ÆT presents a number of well-known Danish hymns in a completely new way. With a background from different musical cultures and traditions, and a deep respect for the Danish cultural heritage, ÆT offers a unique interpretation of the classical hymns.

Find the concerts: 

- "ÆT", on 15 July at 19:30, on the Gjellerupstage https://jazzfest.dk/artist.php?l=da&id=5670#bandTop 

- Jakob Anderskov "I sang" and Aarhus Sinfonietta, on 16 July at 16:00, in Sct. Pauls Kirke https://jazzfest.dk/artist.php?id=5655&l=da#bandTop

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