Sheep Got Waxed – 12 Points (4) (LT)

Sheep Got Waxed – 12 Points (4) (LT)

“A hard-to-pigeonhole trio drifting between avant-garde free jazz, experimental electronics and contemporary academic music.” – Music Information Centre Lithuania. What's in a name? According to this explosive Lithuanian trio, it's an amalgam of their surnames. We’re not sure we believe them. These three black sheep, Young Power Grand Prix winners at Vilnius Jazz Festival, have been labeled as the “new weird”. Just when we were getting over the “old weird”. But that’s what 12 Points is about. Sheep Got Waxed are steadfastly determined to bring their new perspective to jazz, electronic and improvised music. Their approach is complex, idiosyncratic, and in constant Ritalin defying flux with band members using both hands and feet to play, employing an array of electronics and other sonic tools to create music that floats somewhere between free jazz, math rock and avant garde experimental electronic, described by one audience member as “a cross between Death Grips and George Michael played by the Beatles”. Clearly, none of the above adequately defines this trio’s intensely atmospheric live shows. Got Wax?


Simonas Šipavicius (sax, synth, electronics), Paulius Vaškas (g, electronics), Adas Gecevičius (drm, electronics)

  • Sheep Got Waxed – 12 Points (4)

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21:10 - 22:00
Cover charge Kr. 100/80
Normal pris 100 kr. / Rabatpris 80 kr. (2 koncerter). Normal pris 180 kr. / Rabatpris 140 kr. for 1 dag (4 koncerter). Normal pris 490 kr. / Rabatpris 350 kr. for partoutbillet til 12 Points (12 koncerter over 3 dage). Rabatprisen gælder unge under 25 år, studerende og medlemmer af Jazzselskabet Aarhus, Sun Ship og Phonognom. NB! Hvis du ønsker at købe dag- eller partoutbillet – gå til menupunkt BILLETSALG her på Billetsalg ved døren fra kl. 15.00. Koncert med forsalg:
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