Post K – 12 Points (9) (FR)

Post K – 12 Points (9) (FR)

“Jean Dousteyssier's jazz constantly deconstructs the past and rebuilds it, going back and forth between the past and the instantaneous” – Jean-Jacques Birgé, Médiapart. It seems fitting as we enter a second centenary of jazz in 2017 to feature a band that take the original building blocks of this music, and apply almost a century of influence and evolution to the creation of a new sound. Inspired by the clarinet strains and stride piano of the early jazz repertoire which defined this formative period, this French quartet creates “new/old” music, firmly in the 21st century but taking inspiration equally from the original jazz giants like Blake and Waller as much as from Brötzmann and Bailey. Post K (i.e Post Hurricane Katrina) delivers something unique with incisive, offbeat interpretations of New Orleans jazz with added twists and turns in a tour of the influencers that followed. The result? – A singular ensemble which invites listeners into these short-form snapshots of popular music that are both strikingly authentic and skillfully deconstructed, crafted in the image of the first jazz recordings but layered with almost 100 years of innovation and new ideas. Post K brings us full circle, inspired by the past but looking towards the future. This performance is part of the “Jazz Migration” series established by AJC to support the professional development of new jazz groups.


Jean Dousteyssier (cl, b-cl), Benjamin Dousteyssier (sax), Matthieu Naulleau (p), Elie Duris (drm)

  • Post K – 12 Points (9)

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16:00 - 16:50
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Normal pris 100 kr. / Rabatpris 80 kr. (2 koncerter). Normal pris 180 kr. / Rabatpris 140 kr. for 1 dag (4 koncerter). Normal pris 490 kr. / Rabatpris 350 kr. for partoutbillet til 12 Points (12 koncerter over 3 dage). Rabatprisen gælder unge under 25 år, studerende og medlemmer af Jazzselskabet Aarhus, Sun Ship og Phonognom. NB! Hvis du ønsker at købe dag- eller partoutbillet – gå til menupunkt BILLETSALG her på Billetsalg ved døren fra kl. 15.00. Koncert med forsalg:
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