Jazz Futures 1 – Professional Sustainability (DK)

Jazz Futures 1 – Professional Sustainability (DK)

In 2017 Jazz Futures focuses its lens on sustainability. How do we create a sustainable future for musicians? Through a series of talks with specialists, programmers, educators and journalists we will explore this area of sustainability focusing on 3 key areas:
1. Professional Sustainability – Monday 17th July 10:00-12:00 – Kammermusiksalen
As creative professionals, it has never been more difficult to get your music heard. We are at the polished end of a digital music model that has, in the space of 15 years, reduced the art form to a playlist commodity. For many casual music fans, an artist’s entire discography is simply one click away. This practical session explores how to rise above the torrent of digital noise, how to give meaning to your music and your message, develop tools for diversification of your art form to sustain your career, and looks at what we are heading into over the next 10 years.
2. Industry Sustainability – Monday 17th July 12:30-14:00 – Kammermusiksalen
12 Points gathers together creative professionals across programming, performance, pedagogy and policy, and so it’s a perfect opportunity to take an audit of the industry in the company of some of its brightest emerging talents and discuss how to ensure this talent has an opportunity to grow within a sustainable music ecology and economy over the next 10 years. How we can sustain this niche music amidst a second wave of commercial dominance? Is it possible to work together?
3. Festival Sustainability – Tuesday 18th July 10:00-12:00 – Kammermusiksalen
“Taking The Green Train” with very special guests, the renowned English charity Julie’s Bicycle who provide the creative community with skills to reduce our creative carbon footprint and in doing so provide a better future for musicians and audiences. Julie’s Bicycle is now one of Europes leading Creative Sustainability organisations.
Presented in association with Europe Jazz Network.




Matt Fripp (musician, agent and manager for jazz musicians, writer on JazzFuel website – about how jazz musicians can build their career more efficiently)

  • Jazz Futures 1 – Professional Sustainability

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Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium – Kammermusiksalen
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