Mitamurakandadan? - Opening at Bispejazz (JP)

Mitamurakandadan? - Opening at Bispejazz (JP)

Opening of the Bispejazz tent with a peppy Japanese brass band. Hurra! The Jazz Festival is on in the Bispejazz tent with music and speeches on the official opening day. The musical content will be delivered by the festive Japanese brass band Mitamurakandadan? The concert is part of the daylong music event Japan Now!, which celebrates Aarhus as European Culture Capital and the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan. Mitamurakandadan? plays brass music full of joy and optimism. Their repertoire spans from classic brass band to modern pop classic, delivered with conviction, joy, and charm. The band has a personal approach to music, which materialises through weird and groovy renditions of predominantly famous tunes. A Japanese critic once described the band's music as follows: 'It's as if they are running with full force, but with the softness of a sunlit spot'. We look forward to presenting Japanese brass energy and opening the festival in style. Over the course of the afternoon, Mitamurakandadan? will be performing around town, in the streets and alleys of Aarhus, and spread the jazz around. The band's visit is part of Japan Now!, which also presents four concerts as Hotel Carmel on Saturday, 15 July from 5 pm. The event will also include performances by Makiko Hirabyashi Trio, Noritaka Tanaka/Daysuke Takaoka/Julie Kjær, GOAT and Turtle Yama. For more information on Japan Now!, visit

Japan Now! is supported by EU Japan Fest, Toyota-Fonden and Augustinus Fonden. ”With support from DJBFA – Composer and Songwriters Production Pool and Kodas Cultural Funds”.


Ali Morimoto, Arata Hiraoka and Manami Yasukawa (trp), Nahoko Kamei (s-sax), Mari Sawai (a-sax), Toru Matsuda (t-sax), Futoshi Hineno (b-cl), Rieko Seizo and Tatsuki Yoshino (trb), Haruka Shiota (tuba), Ayuko Ikeda (perc), Jin Mitsuda and Motohiro Shioiri (drm)

  • Mitamurakandadan? - Opening at Bispejazz
  • Mitamurakandadan? - Opening at Bispejazz

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13:00 - 14:00

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