Flamencolegenderne (DK/ES)

Flamencolegenderne (DK/ES)

Experience some of the greatest flamenco stars. In February 2017, the Danish songbook was presented in Andalusia by Povl Dissing and Kirstine Hastrup as ambassadors, where Dissing collaborated with several flamenco artists. Eugenio Iglesias, Manuela Vargas, Guillermo "El Manzano", and Jairo Barrull have already made their mark on history as heirs to their famous families great contributions to flamenco culture. The meeting between Spain and Denmark is completed by the Danish flamenco dancer Kirstine Hastrup, guitarist Nikolaj Rosengreen, and the Spanish singer and magicians Jose María Bernabé. Now, they present their collaboration as part of the programme for Aarhus 2017 in the intimate setting of Helsingør Theater. This constellation of flamenco artists is a rare sight, even in Spain, and the concerts is an exclusive opportunity to experience authentic flamenco at the highest level. Unfortunately – due to illness – Povl Dissing is not able to participate in the concerts. Saturday 22 July he will be substituted by his son Rasmus Dissing.



Kirstine Hastrup, Jairo Barrull and Manuela Vargas (dance), Rasmus Dissing (only saturday) and Guillermo "El Manzano" (voc), Eugenio Iglesias and Nikolaj Rosengreen (g), Jose María Bernabé (magic, voc)

  • Flamencolegenderne
  • Flamencolegenderne

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20:00 - 22:00
Cover charge Kr. 345-395
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