Kwella/Lysgaard/Friis (DK)

Kwella/Lysgaard/Friis (DK)

Intense and intimate trio jazz

This trio's trademark is their tight ensemble. The three musicians are known from a long line of acts, but this marks their first performance as a trio.

The music is inspired by contemporary jazz, world music, and pop, but the musicians are firmly rooted in jazz tradition. Their material is a mix of original tunes and jazz standards.

Guitarist Jens Christian Kwella and bass player Peter Friis have played together in a long line of bands. Once in a while, they will explore the duo format and the tight ensemble that it requires.

On this afternoon, they will be joined by the young drummer Kristoffer Lysgaard, who belongs to the new generation of talented, up-and-coming jazz musicians. He has already made a name for himself through numerous acts.

In the crossroads of experience and youthful energy, an intense ensemble and intimate expression arises.


Jens Christian Kwella (g), Peter Friis (b), Kristoffer Lysgaard (drm)

  • Kwella/Lysgaard/Friis

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