The House Festival – Kasper Staub Trio (DK)


The House Festival – Kasper Staub Trio (DK)

Music that crosses conventional barriers of genre

During the six years that the trio has existed, the three young musicians have found their very own sound and musical aesthetics.

The trio has been compared to everything from Carl Nielsen's meekness to Jan Johansson's folklore and Paul Bley's free jazz. Det trio takes pride in letting its compositions and instrumental inspirations cross the conventional barriers of genre.

'This record doesn't disappear in the crowd, it doesn't resemble other Danish trio records and thanks God for that! Behind the at times feather light playing style lies a compositional gravity that makes the music memorable for quite a while. Kasper Staub Trio is a particularly welcome and refreshing addition to the Danish piano trio scene.'
(On the trio's debut album from 2012 - by Niels Overgaard,

The House is a new festival in Aarhus that takes place in an old, rustical workshop that used to be a smithy in the town’s gasworks. Here, there will be a lineup of musicians who have been featured based on their musical ideas and accomplishments rather than their genre. Some of the tunes will be composed and others improvised. The idea is to allow genres and art forms to inspire each other.



Kasper Staub (p), Jens Mikkel Madsen (b), Anders Vestergaard (drm)

  • The House Festival – Kasper Staub Trio

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Spanien 19B
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Spanien 19B
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The House - Spanien 19B
(+45) 60 15 75 36