The House Festival – Nikolaj Hess (DK)


The House Festival – Nikolaj Hess (DK)

Solo concert with one of Denmark's best jazz pianists

Nikolaj Hess is one of the busiest and most acclaimed pianists on the Danish jazz scene and can often be found in the New York scene as well.

His most recent releases include Trio, which was awarded best jazz record of the year by Politiken in 2013, and 3xHess' Music for Mum and Dad, which won DMA Jazz 2015 for Jazz Album of the Year.

The House is a new festival in Aarhus that takes place in an old, rustical workshop that used to be a smithy in the town’s gasworks. Here, there will be a lineup of musicians who have been featured based on their musical ideas and accomplishments rather than their genre. Some of the tunes will be composed and others improvised. The idea is to allow genres and art forms to inspire each other.



Nikolaj Hess (p)

  • The House Festival – Nikolaj Hess

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Spanien 19B
Kunstnerisk Værksted
Spanien 19B
8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 60 15 75 36


The House - Spanien 19B
(+45) 60 15 75 36