GaffelTaffeldeluxe (DK)

GaffelTaffeldeluxe (DK)

Intense, tight, and playful jazz

Behind the cryptic name GaffelTaffeldeluxe, you find a group of musicians assembled by saxophonist Jacob Danielsen for a concert that celebrates their Gaffelprisen 2017 win, which they received in January 2018.

The band features some of the biggest forces on the Aarhus jazz scene and offers a musical tour of the unrestrained and riveting Nordic repertoire.

Most of the tunes were written by the band members, but some 'new classics' will also sneak their way in. Intense, tight, playful, and refreshing jazz with something for everyone.


Jacob Danielsen (t-sax, b-cl), Jens Chr. "Chappe" Jensen (a-sax, bar-sax), Karsten Aaholm (g), Thomas Sejthen (b), Morten Nottelmann (drm)

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Cover charge Kr. 50
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Valdemarsgade 1
8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 28 11 71 44
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(+45) 28 11 71 44