Sam and the Soulmates (DK)


Sam and the Soulmates (DK)

Soulful jazz standards, rocking bossa novas, original tunes, and more.

A radiating singer with a great band stands ready to deliver musical experiences in a class of its own.

Soulful covers of jazz standards, rocking Brazilian bossa novas, original tunes as well as French surprises take audiences on a trip from beginning to end.

The concerts are characterised by musicality and a seasoned ensemble between Sam (Samara Bahrami) and her Soulmates. The stage becomes an engaging playground, where world-class musicians understand how to create a special atmosphere that is nothing less than magical.

Genres and styles are united and the music comes alive in a crafty repertoire of famous and lesser-known tunes coloured by a rare linguistic virtousity. The informal tone of the band rubs off on the audiences and leaves room for laughter and stories about life and music.

Anno 2018, the Persian songbird and her band present new and exciting sides of jazz. The secret ingredient for this year's Aarhus Jazz Festival is the Nordic touch, that will leave a mark on the already colourful and exotic repertoire.



Samara Bahrami (voc), Bjarne Slipsager (sax), Morten Haugshøj (g), Theo Hjorth (p), Mathias Gregersen (b), Kristoffer Lysgaard (drm)

  • Sam and the Soulmates
  • Sam and the Soulmates

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