Trio Before (DK)


Trio Before (DK)

Danish songs in jazzy renditions and classics from the Great American Songbook

The music contains Danish songs and psalms beautifully and tastefully arranged with jazz notes. The repertoire is centred on the trio's new CD Den danske sang but will also feature American standards.

Among the tracks on Den danske sang is Livet er en morgengave, Det dufter lysegrønt af græs, and I skovens dybe stille ro - melodies with a large time span where composers such as Carl Nielsen and Otto Mortensen are represented with lyrics by the likes of Grundtvig and Halfdan Rasmussen.

Trio Before is known for delivering beautiful concert experiences that excite listeners across generations with a familiar repertoire reinvigorated by tasteful arrangements that are based on respect for the excellent original material and their love for Danish tradition and cultural heritage. 

Their concerts are musical journeys where instrumental music is performed in a clear and simple manner but with a contemporary expression. The melodies are introduced with short tales and anecdotes regarding the composer, author, and time period during which the melody was written.



Claus Behrens (sax), Niels Erichsen (p), Peter Friis (b)

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16:00 - 18:00

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