Lars Greve Solo (DK)


Lars Greve Solo (DK)

Solo performance by a versatile and award-winning musician

Lars Greve is a saxophonist, clarinet player, composer, and the creator of a number of art and cultural projects.

His solo album Breidablik (2014) was named the best album of the year in reviews by several leading international magazines. Additionally, he is a trained soloist from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and the recipient of a number of awards for his versatile and virtuosic expression.

For instance, Lars Greve has performed a solo show in the first skyscraper of Sao Paolo, a new year's concert in Nuuk, as well as concerts in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, and Rio with the band Girls in Airports. He has also been featured on more than 100 records with prominent artists from around the world.

In the fall of 2017, he released an artwork/record with sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar and started working on an extensive sound and picture portrait of Western Jutland with the art photographer Fryd Frydendahl. He has recently composed a new stage play, which premiered in March 2018, with music created in collaboration with Aske Zidore and Annisette Koppel.


Lydbrud (Soundburst) - five concerts with young, prominent jazz singers
Under the title Lydbrud, the youth committee of the Danish Musicians Union in Aarhus repeats last year's success and curates another day filled with concerts that focus on young, prominent jazz singers.

This year, on Wednesday 18 July, there will be five concerts with artists from Sweden, Germany, Norway, Copenhagen, and Aarhus. The acts differ, but they all explore something special. Come and be inspired, moved, and enriched.

4.00 pm Flickstick
5.30 pm Eline Hellerud Åsbakk feat. Svaneborg/Kardyb
8.00 pm Lars Greve Solo
9.00 pm Hvalfugl
10.00 pm Yngel



Lars Greve (sax, cl)

  • Lars Greve Solo

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