Eric Stengaard Kvartet (DK)

Eric Stengaard Kvartet (DK)

Standards from the 60s - with a groovy sound

During the 80s, Saxophonist Eric Steengaard studied music in Aarhus and at Berklee College of Music in Bosten, USA. In the 90s, he performed with anyone in the jazz, big band, soul, and blues genres. It was also during this period that he played with Ulrik Bisbaard. Today he lives and works in the Copenhagen area.

Eric Steengaard has a great affinity for both new and old American jazz standards. He loves playing with younger musicians in the following constellation: Ulrik BIsgaard on drums, Peter Friis on double bass, and the critically acclaimed Morten Haugshøj on guitar.

The band plays standards from the 60 and a few older classics. Come and hear just how groovy music can be.


Eric Stengaard (sax), Morten Haugshøj (g), Peter Friis (b), Ulrik Bisgaard (drm)

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