Dewl (DK)

Improvisation, energy, and the love of music

A new Danish trio has seen the light of day. In an imaginative universe, Dewl creates compositions based on groove-jazz.

The three Northern Jutlanders have created their own playground for interactive improvisations, energy, and love of music. Subtle North Jutland humour helps set the stage for colourful fictional characters, which provide the themes for compositions such as Kalles Hotel, Kold Øl, and Jens Træsko.

The name Dewl is inspired by Anders Lund Madsen's dictionary ÆØÅ, which defines 'Dewl' as:

The fourth wheel on a shopping cart, which seemingly resembles the others, but does its own thing and ensures that the cart is completely unmanageable.'

Freely translated from North Jutlandish, Dewl can be understood as a 'thingy' or the musical energy that is found among the members of the trio.

The concert is part of a two-part concert with Ibrahim Electric performing at 9.30 pm.



Lasse Sandkam (g), Mark Kühn (b), Jakob Lundby (drm)

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20:00 - 21:00
Cover charge Kr. 160
Koncerten er en dobbeltkoncert, hvor Ibrahim Electric også spiller.
Entréen gælder begge koncerter.
Koncert med forsalg.
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