Hess Dayyani Clausen (DK)

Powerful lyrics from the great Danish lyrical catalogue

Hess Dayyani Clausen's intimate set-up of saxophone, song, and piano allows the powerful lyrics to take centre stage. The musician's improvisational approach breathes new life into every song during their concerts.

The lyrics are a selection of the great Danish lyrical catalogue with names such as Emil Aarestrup, B.S. Ingemann, Henrik Pontoppidan, Frank Jæger, Michael Strunge, and Pia Tafdrup.

Emil Hess and Camilla Dayyani have had a longstanding collaboration around Danish poetry and have released two albums with material: Anadyomene (2007) with Nikolaj Hess on piano and Rummet Fyldt (2013) with Jørgen Emborg.

Together, they have played many concerts around the nation's musical societies, churches, libraries, and, not least, primary schools with material from their two lyrical albums.

Emil Hess is an associate professor of Music at Aarhus University. He plays saxophone and clarinet, and has composed music for his own and the bands of others, as well as for several short films. For the last decade, he and his brothers Mikkel and Nikolaj Hess have shaped the Copenhagen jazz scene. 

Camilla Dayyani is the sole Aarhus-based member of the trio. She works with many different projects and can be experienced playing children's songs from Sangskattekisten, Iranian folk songs, jazz bands, and modern composition music.

Thomas Clausen is a big Danish jazz personality and has played with many large domestic and international stars, including a longstanding collaboration with the legend NHØP. Clausen is also a cherished composer in the realms of jazz and classical music.




Camilla Dayyani (voc), Emil Hess (sax), Thomas Clausen (p)

  • Hess Dayyani Clausen

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