Jakob Bro Returnings (DK/US/NO)

Jakob Bro Returnings (DK/US/NO)

Pure beauty presented by twinkling stars of the jazz sky

40-year-old Jakob Bro has released 14 records as a bandleader with a broad selection of prominent Danish and American musicians.

The Aarhus-based guitarist and composer, who started his career in bands such as Beautiful Day and I Got You On Tape, has toured internationally with Tomasz Stanko and Paul Motian's bands. Having released his own music on the side and collaborated with poets Jørgen Leth and Peter Laugesen, as well as electronic musicians such as Thomas Knak, it shows that his musical range can include the lyrical as well as avant-garde sound material.

Norwegian drummer Jon Christensen, who rarely performs nowadays, had his breakthrough in the late 60s and 70s when he played with Keith Jarrett's legendary European Quartet, George Russell, Jan Garbarek, and many others. For more than 40 years, he has been the definition of Scandinavian sound on ECM records, including with Palle Mikkelborg.

Therefore, it is a scoop that Jon Christensen goes back to working with Jakob Bro, Thomas Morgan, and Palle Mikkelborg on Jacob Bro's new album Returnings, produced by Manfred Eicher.

Returnings was released in spring 2018 to excellent reviews, not least in Politiken, where Thomas Michelsen awards six out of six possible hearts under the headline:

'His album is like falling leaves and slow steps. It is simply pure beauty.'

Now, you have an opportunity to experience the band behind the record on the 30th annual Aarhus Jazz Festival.



Jakob Bro (g), Palle Mikkelborg (trp), Thomas Morgan (b), Jon Christensen (drm)

  • Jakob Bro Returnings
  • Jakob Bro Returnings

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