Jazz & Poetry (DK)

Peter Laugesen (voc), Nikolaj Hess (p), Per Christian Frost (g), Peter Vuust (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

A symbiosis of poems and jazz

Jazz & Poetry arose in the 60s along with the beat generation as a symbiosis of poetry and jazz music.

At the jazz festival, ARosS presents Denmark's leading representative of this genre, the Aarhus poet Peter Laugesen, in the company of a group of all-star musicians from the Danish jazz and rock scenes consisting of Nikolaj Hess (piano), Per Christian Frost (guitar), Peter Vuust (bass) ) and Mikkel Vuust (drums).

Since his debut in 1967, Peter Laugesen has been among the most productive and acclaimed poets. In 1992, he received Det Danske Akademis Store Pris as well as Kritikerprisen, among others, in 2003.

Close collaboration with Dan Turell and an early inspiration from the beat generation's innovative trends during the '50s has made Peter Laugesen one of today's fine Jazz & Poetry's masters in Denmark, who have managed to bridge the gap between music and poetry.

His performances in the genre count numerous concerts and excellent releases with the bands Mindspray, Singvogel and Christian Vuust Dynamo.



16:00 - 18:00
Cover charge Kr. 195
Intimkoncert i museets auditorium.
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