Simon Spang-Hanssen & Middle Earth w. Maher Mahmoud (SY/CU/GH/DK)


Simon Spang-Hanssen & Middle Earth w. Maher Mahmoud (SY/CU/GH/DK)

Crossing musical borders

With music by Simon Spang-Hanssen & Maher Mahmoud, the audience is invited on a poetic and inciting journey across the borders of the Orient, jazz, world/folk, Africa and the Caribbean - with musicians from the four corners of the world and with the oud as a general Arabic "base note".

Maher Mahmoud graduated from the conservatory in Damascus and plays an instrument that could be described as an Arabic guitar with a very distinctive tone.

Yasser Pino graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and mixes his Cuban roots with many other forms of music.

Ayi Solomon and Simon Spang-Hanssen are both autodidacts and for a number of years have participated in and created a musical encounter between the world's cultures.

"It was like opening up Aladdin's cave as Simon Spang-Hanssen & Middle Earth dished out notes and rhythms in all the colours of the world last night. The four virtuosic and playful musicians excited the large audience from start to finish with their engaging musical adventures from the warm countries. Not so strange - because it was just what you needed on such an icy windy April night.”
(Pia Blohm / Giant Steps - Svendborg).



Simon Spang-Hanssen (sax, fl), Maher Mahmoud (oud), Yasser Pino (b), Ayi Solomon (perc)

  • Simon Spang-Hanssen & Middle Earth w. Maher Mahmoud

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15:30 - 18:00

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Bispejazz - Bispetorvet
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