Skt. Pauls Band (DK)

Peder Pedersen (cond)

The Living Aarhus Jazz Museum keeps swinging

In September last year, H. C. Vartenberg, the founder and bandleader of Skt. Pauls Band passed away. The band completely agreed to carry on in HC's spirit and, of course, they are back at Bispetorvet.

The Swinging Nursing Home - The Living Aarhusian Jazz Museum. There are many nicknames for the Aarhus senior big band.

The band plays swinging instrumental and vocal big band arrangements by, among others, Peder Pedersen - initiator of Peder Pedersens Big Band, which for many years was the house band at the Jazz Club Tagskæget in Aarhus - with a weekly performance, often with American star soloists.

Besides arranging, Peder Pedersen also conducts some songs and is also a member of the trombone section.

The level is high and the crew boasts several musicians who have received the Gaffelpris award, which is awarded by Jazzselskabet Aarhus.

The music is mainly from "The American Songbook" from that time, men were men, and the girls liked it!

Since Skt. Pauls Band was established in 2002, the band has performed and played during Aarhus Festuge, at Aarhus Jazz Festival, in Randers Festuge, Odder Festuge, Aarhus Musikhus, Djurslands Jazz Club and more. Furthermore, they have played in the Faroe Islands, at Tunø Festival and the Baltic Sea Jazz Festival on Bornholm.

The concert is part of the celebration 100 years of jazz in Aarhus and is carried out with support from the William Demant Foundation, the CAC Foundation and the Nordea Foundation "We support good living".



13:00 - 16:15

Cover charge FREE


Bispejazz - Bispetorvet
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 28 60 47 91


Aarhus Jazz Festival
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Photographer: Poul Nyholm