Kira Skov (DK)

Kira Skov (voc), Nikolaj Hess (p), Peter Vuust (b), Morten Lund (drm)

An artist in constant motion

Since her debut on the Danish music scene with Kira and The Kindred Spirits in 2002, Kira Skov has established herself as a multi-faceted artist.

She brings three of Denmark's most prominent jazz musicians to ARoS: Nikolaj Hess (piano), Peter Vuust (bass) and Morten Lund (drums).

Since her debut in 2002, Kira Skov has released 11 albums. She is an artist in constant motion and has also replaced and challenged her audience several times, as she usually does not give them what they are used to.

Still, Kira Skov's voice and personal expression is a recurring theme throughout her changing musical ambiances and sound landscapes. In her current band, she has found like-minded playmates.

For her solo release When we were gentle (2013), she won two Steppeulve for vocalist of the years and Danish record of the year, a Carl Pris lyricist of the year and a cash prize from the Danish Arts Foundation.

The record received six stars in Politiken and an overwhelming reception in other Danish media. In 2014, she received the National Arts Foundation's three-year work grant.

The press has written the following about her:

"Fascinating and captivating Kira Skov", Berlingske Tidende.

"Kira Skov leaves colleagues, critics and audiences envious," Arbejderen.

"Kira can sing with equal parts longing, presence, sadness, strength and vulnerability ... a poignant authenticity," Jazznyt.



Kira Skov (voc), Nikolaj Hess (p), Peter Vuust (b), Morten Lund (drm)

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