Talking Jazz – Historier fra 100 år med jazz i Aarhus (2000-2019) (DK)


Talking Jazz – Historier fra 100 år med jazz i Aarhus (2000-2019) (DK)

Et panel af jazzkendere (talk), Jørn Gade (moderator)

Jazz lovers talk about the (his)story of jazz

With retrospects, exciting stories and quirky anecdotes from Aarhus jazz history, Teaterkatten hosts four days of Talking Jazz every day from 11.30 am - 12.30 pm in the period 17-20 July.

The occasion is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first jazz concert in Aarhus and ending a three-year project with the digitization of Jazz's history at

A hand-picked panel of jazz lovers will tell about their experiences or survival in the jazz scene spiced with anecdotes and known as well as unknown details and historical facts from a rich life in the service of jazz.

The panelists all have rich experience with the jazz world as active musicians, restaurateurs or as faithful concert-goers. At this event, they share their jazz knowledge and anecdotes, so we hopefully get an enjoyable and unforgettable hour in the universe of jazz history.

Jørn Gade, who is part of the jazz festival's JazzLive editorial and vice-chairman of Jazzelskabet Aarhus' board, will be the host and carefully manage the four Talking Jazz events.

Every day is based on a specific period of jazz history.

Attendance is free and audiences can enjoy a glass of beer and perhaps a light meal at Teaterkattens premises during the jazz talk.

After the event, you can hear Thomas Sejthen Trio and, moreover, help yourself to all the jazz festival's many concerts.



11:30 - 12:30

Cover charge FREE


Kannikegade 12
8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 82 12 00 08


Aarhus Jazz Festival
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  • Talking Jazz – Historier fra 100 år med jazz i Aarhus (2000-2019)

Photographer: Joachim Ladefoged