Æsken – Børnejazz (DK)

Sidsel Bech Kiilerich (g, voc), Janus Holst Aaen (g, voc), Lasse Enøe (sax), Kristian Koldbro (b), Lasse Bech Kiilerich (drm)

Award-winning children's band with festive backyard musicians

Æsken is an award-winning band that plays engaging and energetic music for children and families.

The group's concerts are characterized by their own personal touch. There must be room for a laugh between the notes, the music is based on ensemble and cooperation, and Æsken's sound is riveting with edge and nerve. They are the backyard musicians who know how to party on stage.

The band has toured all over Denmark and played at larger and smaller festivals such as Langelands Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Aarhus Jazz Festival and Riverboat Jazz Festival. The group has also organized performances in the Musikhuset Aarhus, at Dokk1 in Aarhus and in their own showrooms.

In December 2017, Æsken won a Danish Music Award in the category Children's Jazz. The nominees were selected based on their contribution to spreading the joy and knowledge of jazz music to children, which is particularly important for Æsken, as communicating with children and conveying the joy of music is absolutely essential for the band.

Everything that Æsen does is driven by blood and sweat and their love for children and music. Æsken was created by the two musicians and tumultuators Lasse Bech Kiilerich and Sidsel Bech Kiilerich, accompanied by the musicians Kristian Koldbro, Janus Holst Aaen and Lasse Enøe.

This year, the band will perform at Bispetorvet but have previously delighted children and childish souls at Aarhus Jazz Festival with their time travel performance at Children's Jazz at Dokk1, where a JazzLive reviewer wrote:

"The kids were taken on a journey through time that introduced them to some of jazz's greatest stars: Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Herbie Hancock. The whole story was tied together with a number of well-known songs, including King Louis from the Jungle Book, Summertime, Minnie the Moocher and Poul Kjøllers Travel Song. The small stage at Dokk1 was filled with enthusiastic children who were fully immersed in the story. "Æsken" delivered the product 100%."

Look forward to a special musical experience this morning.




Sidsel Bech Kiilerich (g, voc), Janus Holst Aaen (g, voc), Lasse Enøe (sax), Kristian Koldbro (b), Lasse Bech Kiilerich (drm)

  • Æsken – Børnejazz
  • Æsken – Børnejazz

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10:30 - 11:30

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Bispejazz - Bispetorvet
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Aarhus Jazz Festival
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