Kort Klang (DK)


Kort Klang (DK)

Sofie Herdorf Krøyer (voc), Asbjørn Lauridsen (p), Jonas Herold Krarup (b), Anders Vase Yde (drm)

Between tradition and innovation

Kort Klang is four young people from Aarhus in a traditional jazz quartet. Through original music, as well as older and newer jazz standards, the band tries to make connections through time and pass on jazz in all its forms.

The members have different musical backgrounds including Latin, jazz, rock and folk high school tradition. Kort Klang has emerged from the encounter between the different genres – between tradition and innovation.

One of the important traditions that Kort Klang is based on is the enormous repertoire of established jazz. Kort Klang delivers their interpretation of the more "classic" jazz with compositions from the 1930s and onwards, and with heroes like Miles Davis, Bill Evans and Charles Mingus.

The purpose of playing music that has already been written is to convey jazz to a wide audience, as well as an attempt to preserve the old traditions. However, more modern compositions can also be found in Kort Klang's cover catalog.

Equally important is the original music. Because the group consists of so many different musical backgrounds, they deliver something completely different from a regular common jazz quartet. Here, the Nordic sound takes center stage and Kort Klang puts music and words to emotions, thoughts, philosophy and other speculations with both Danish and English lyrics.




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