AddisAbabaBand (DK)


AddisAbabaBand (DK)

Tight beats and collective improvisation

AddisAbabaBand is a 13-man band originating from Aarhus. A cosmic vessel fueled by tight beats and collective improvisation.

In front is a sharp and coherent horn section supported by a super-swinging guitar, keys and bass group on a base of captivating beats.

AddisAbabaBand is a collective. The music is written and arranged jointly. With improvisation as the central force, they create a space for overriding inhibitions and dancing away.

Since 2010, this unruly musical bastard of a band has played over 130 concerts, including Roskilde Festival, GrimFest, The Borderless Festival, Jazz festival in Odense, Alive Thy, Jazz in the Triangle, Aarhus Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and SPOT Festival – and they have toured in Ghana and the Netherlands.

Their first album was released in 2015 and re-released in 2017, which also saw the release of a new EP. In May 2018, the band released Alive, a live album recorded by DR during Aarhus Jazz Festival, and in February 2019, the band recorded the songs for their next studio album.



Lasse Enøe and Olaf Brinch (sax), Marco Dania (sax, fl), Scott Christian Westh (trp), Simon Gorm Eskildsen (org, synth), Mikkel Govertz and Jesper Rasmussen (g), Jens Peter Møller (b), Preben Kaels (perc, vio, megaphone), Feike Van Der Woude and Christian Dietrichsen (perc), Martin Madsen (drm)

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(+45) 28 11 71 44