B-Bike-Sun-Tree (DK)


B-Bike-Sun-Tree (DK)

Jonas Due (trp), Lasse Mørck (b), Daniel Sommer (drm)

Trumpet trio reinterprets jazz tradition

Three of Copenhagen's biggest profiles within their respective jazz genres have joined forces in a dynamic constellation of the rare kind: "the trumpet trio".

The trio's repertoire is centered on jazz tradition, which is interpreted in an extremely dynamic, personal and empathic ensemble. The trio's vision is to highlight the contemporary relevance of jazz tradition. It is about musical authenticity, humor, rusticality and swing. This keeps the music forever new, exciting and juicy.

In recent years, Lasse Mørck has been honored for his work with Snorre Kirks Quintet as well as for his own compositions on the debut album Imagining Places I’ve Never Been and in the band Atlas Orchestra. Backed by the latter group, he recently received the award New Young Jazz Composer of the Year.

Jonas Due has made a name for himself with his chordless sextet Tabula Rasa as well as for being one of the most striking figures on the experimental jazz scene.

Daniel Sommer is one of the rare kind of drummers in Denmark. He responsibly and playfully provides the beat that through constant development completes his two colleagues. Sommer has contributed to a large number of releases ranging from minimalist avant-garde to straight-ahead full of swing.



21:30 - 00:00
Cover charge Kr. 50
Kun billetsalg i døren.


Valdemarsgade 1
DK_8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 28 11 71 44


(+45) 28 11 71 44

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