Bossen, Büllen & Ballen (DK)


Bossen, Büllen & Ballen (DK)

Alexander Bossen (g), Christian Balvig (p), Frederik Bülow (drm)

Up-and-coming prog jazz

Alexander Bossen has long been active on the Danish music scene as a composer, guitarist and singer in the avant-garde metal group Oxx and as a guitarist in a variety of avant-garde and free projects.

With his great technical ability and maximalist approach to the guitar, his style is reminiscent of, among others, his label mate Brandon Seabrook and Marc Ducret at his most aggressive.

Frederik Bülow is known from Bangin' Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet (BBNJQ), Balvig/Bülow/Christensen and Abekejser. In 2014, he won a DMA with BBNJQ for New Danish Jazz Act of the Year and has since toured in Europe, Russia, Japan, Guinea and the USA. He is the trio's anchorman - from the most energetic and interactive parts to intense moments of silence.

Frederik Bülow is a busy musician on the Nordic jazz scene because of his in-depth understanding of a wide range of music and grooves. His style of play is intuitive and dynamic, blending jazz tradition with hip hop, Balkan and progressive rock in a new way. There is polyrhythm behind it all.

Pianist Christian Balvig has made a name for himself as a composer and arranger and works with large orchestras such as Copenhagen Phil and Det Norske Blåsensemble.

Filtered through their own idiosyncratic language, "the Polytmic System", the trio, using overwhelming synths, deconstructed guitar shred and polyrhythmic energy discharges, plays tragicomic, iconoclastic and, above all, progressive prog jazz.



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Valdemarsgade 1
DK_8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 28 11 71 44


(+45) 28 11 71 44

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Photographer: Nikolaj Bransholm, Adrian Christensen, Peter Gannushkin