Kwella/Bjørnskov (DK)


Kwella/Bjørnskov (DK)

Christian Vuust (sax), Jens Christian Kwella (g), Torben Bjørnskov (b, electronics), Frederik Bülow (drm, electronics)

Original electro-acoustic jazz

In October 2018, Torben Bjørnskov and Jens Christian Kwella released the album Slowing Down The Tune. Warm, melodic and present electro-acoustic jazz recorded live in the studio, consisting of new original compositions by Kwella and Bjørnskov.

On some tracks, the two international star guitarists Ulf Bandgren (Sweden) and John Stowell (USA) appear, and the album is notable for its use of samples, beats and effects.

The sounds are sampled from Bjørnskov and Kwella's own instruments, lovingly produced using the Octatrack sampler and various effects to create an evocative sound universe.

Slowing Down The Tune is inspired by a wide variety of genres, but with melodic nerve and the fervent expression tying it all together.

As the title suggests, there is plenty of time and lots of "air", and the music can be interpreted as a commentary on an age where the pace is high and time is perceived as a scarcity.

Both Bjørnskov and Kwella, each of whom has received countless positive reviews for their previous albums and concerts, have come together for a joint project. For the live performance of the music from Slowing Down The Tune live, they have invited the outstanding saxophonist Christian Vuust and the young drummer talented Frederik Bülow on stage.



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