Frederikke Bohr (DK)


Frederikke Bohr (DK)

Frederikke Bohr (voc), Lasse Sandkamm (g)

Authenticity, honesty and passion

Frederikke Bohr is a singer, songwriter and frontwoman in her own project. Her debut EP with six songs appeared in 2018.

She writes songs inspired by soul, R&B, funk and jazz and is always deeply immersed when on stage, resulting in intense appearances where the audience is attracted by her authenticity, honesty and passion for music.

Frederikke Bohr is a charismatic singer, who manages to create an open and vulnerable universe, borne by her unique and strong voice.

In 2015, she graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, and in 2012-13 she studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. In Boston, she joined the competition for the title of monthly winner in the Massachusetts Solo Artist Awards, presented by the US booking agency Bridging the Music. She performed with her own songs and won both the competition and the audience's hearts.

The debut EP Unbreakable has received excellent publicity, both at home, on international blogs, and more, such as the LA-based BuzzMusic and Scandinavian Soul, where Dave Franklin wrote:

“If debut releases are the calling card that announces the arrival of a new artist, then Unbreakable is the perfect announcement, not through bombast and a willingness to make a bold opening statement, but through glamor and poise, musical elegance and lyrical eloquence. It has depth and follows a wonderful exploration of relationships and what it is to be human, it is open, honest and good. In fact, Unbreakable is the very definition of Soul searching."

For the last few years, Frederikke Bohr has played all over Copenhagen and the surrounding area with her band, and she is currently planning a promo tour for the rest of the country.

Unbreakable will be released in Italy in the spring of 2019, where Frederikke also plans a release tour.



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