Little Winter (DK)


Little Winter (DK)

Floating between lazy melancholy and stormy sentimentality

Here, you will find the Aarhus band Little Winter. Surrounded by a noisy and fleeting sound universe, a core of unseeming pop songs centred around themes such as loneliness, love and the longing for "a second home" glow in the middle of this project

With roots in both the Jutland farmland and the New Zealand volcanic soil, the band's music lives in a natural play on contrasts and opposites, which forms a sound that is at the same time atmospheric and danceable. Introverted and fierce, hopeful and always uncertain.

Little Winter is a young band that has played a large number of concerts in both Denmark, Sweden and Germany in just over a year. These include the Grim Festival and SPOT Festival. They also boast of having opened the Gloria scene for volunteers at last year's Roskilde Festival.

2019 was launched with a record contract with Celebration Records, and Little Winters self-titled debut record was officially released on April 19th. This marks a turning point and a new chapter in the band's short history.



Nikolaj Sodemann, Alexander Mirz, Nikolai Ryan, Daniel Clifton, Martin Welling

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