Morten Ramsbøl True North (DK/AT/UK/SE)


Morten Ramsbøl True North (DK/AT/UK/SE)

Melodic jazz with a Nordic sound

Morten Ramsbøl is particularly well known in Aarhus. For a number of years, he was the permanent bass player of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. In 2013, he was appointed "bass professor" at the rhythmic music conservatory at the University of Graz in Austria.

When he came back to Denmark in the summer of 2017, Morten Ramsbøl was inspired to write music for some of his favourite musicians as well as a string quartet. The music was arranged by his Austrian friend and drummer, Reini Schmølzer.

The collaboration resulted in the CD Morten Ramsbøl True North. The CD has been called a masterpiece, and the style is characterised by a melodic, Nordic sound.



Julian Argüelles (sax), Jacob Karlzon (p), Igmar Jenner, Andreas Semlitsch and Delphine Krenn-Viard (vio), Katja Finsel (vc), Morten Ramsbøl (b), Reini Schmölzer (drm)

  • Morten Ramsbøl True North

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