Square Music (DK)

Kim T. Grønborg (sax, graphics, cond), Poul Juhl (fl), Joaquin Zaragoza (trb), Jens Balder (trb, flh), Lars Mondrup (fl, hca), Chris Knight (g), Andre Morks (b, synth), Odd Bjertnes (p, synth, perc)

Music based on pictures

Square Music is a project that works with graphic sheet music. Each concert is based on pictures (drawings, slides, paintings and the like) that are made for the occasion.

This is not a completely new idea, as people have been working with these things in modern composition music since the beginning of the last century, as well as in various forms of performance, and jazz and poetry.

The musicians in the ensemble bring different backgrounds to the project: punk, jazz, art-rock, pop, free improvisation, folk music, etc. They share a great curiosity about the different ways of creating and working with music - with openness to interpretations from everyone involved, without the pieces losing structure and character.

Based on the signs and forms produced for the occasion, a musical conversation arises based on the individual musicians' interpretations. A partially controlled but very open musical conversation. A form that opens and expands the musical language.

The compositions (sheets), which act as initiators, have been created for the current concerts by saxophonist and conductor Kim T. Grønborg.



21:00 - 22:00
Cover charge Kr. 60
Studerende: 40 kr.
Entréen gælder for aftenens tre koncerter.


Spanien 19C
Kalkværksvej 5A
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 61 26 13 83


(+45) 61 26 13 83

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