Sternberg/Tangvik (DK/NO)

Sternberg (words), Kristian Tangvik (tuba)

Poetry and music

The duo takes popular art and filters it through their crisp references. It's about being a poet. It's about working together. It is about electro-acoustic music, which pulls in many directions, but is always present in the here and now.

Sternberg started as a literary street artist with the concept Opslagstavleordsprog ("Bulletin board idioms"). He was a member of the poetry group Ord På Hjul and has since published a number of books, two of them with, respectively, Vagn Remme and Peter Laugesen.

He has created or participated in literary concepts such as Peepshow-poesi, Hvisk et digt, Poesibanko, Valgaften, Fungerer det?, and others. Since then, he has entered into a wealth of artistic constellations.

This evening, he performs with Kristian Tangvik, tubaist and more., who has collaborated with TS Høeg, Kresten Osgood and Anders Meldgaard, and others.

Kristian Tangvik has received two DMA awards for his work in The Horse Orchestra as well as Geir Digernes minnespris-award, which is awarded to musicians from Trøndelag who achieve success abroad.



23:00 - 00:00
Cover charge Kr. 60
Studerende 40 kr.
Entréen gælder for aftenens tre koncerter.


Spanien 19C
Kalkværksvej 5A
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 61 26 13 83


(+45) 61 26 13 83

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