TipToe BigBand (DK)

Morten Øberg (a-sax) and Guy Moscoso (a-sax), Finn Henriksen and Hans Mydtskov (t-sax), Ole Visby(b-sax), Søren Phille Bærbak, Tomasz Dabrowski, Jokob Holdensen and H.C. Erbs (trp), Stefan Ringive, Mikkel Aagaard Nielsen and Anders Ringgaard (trb), John Kristensen (b-trb), Michael Salling (p, key), Morten Nordal (g), Kasper Tagel (b), Chano Olskær (drm), Torben Sminge (cond)

25-year anniversary with new and original music

In 2019, TipToe BigBand turns 25. To mark the occasion, nine new songs written and arranged by current and former band members will be released, among other things. 

Experience the new music when TipToe BigBand goes on stage at Ridehouse and demonstrates the many strengths and competencies that the band has developed over its lifetime.

Part of TipToe BigBand's brand is their great versatility. This has been demonstrated by, for instance, performing with both electronic music, folk music and a symphony orchestra. This evening will be dedicated to TipToe BigBand and its musicians. And only time will tell which style of music we will be in for.

TipToe BigBand is based in Odense and counts some of the best musicians, composers and arrangers on the Funen music scene. Their vision is to develop the big band format by constantly seeking artistic challenges in different musical expressions and by renewing the great orchestral sound through creative musical collaborations that extend beyond the big band tradition.

The dedication of principal conductor Torben Sminges and a regular series of musical arrangers has been instrumental in all projects, contributing to a present, personal and outgoing expression.

The band has performed with the likes of Stacey Kent, Richard Bona, Lars Jansson, Anders Blichfeldt, Erann DD, Odense Symfoniorkester, Dick Oatts, Marie Bergman, Tobias Trier, Steffen Brandt, Lars Møller, Harald Haugaard and Helle Hansen. Additionally, they have been involved in projects with, e.g., Odense International Film Festival (OFF) and Jam Days.

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17:00 - 18:00

Cover charge FREE


Vester Allé 1
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 30 24 06 62


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