Kicks & Sticks – The Orchestra (DE)


Kicks & Sticks – The Orchestra (DE)

Wolfgang Diefenbach (cond), Janina Hirch, Anastasia Kruse, Marlene Walker and Carolin Smykla (voc), Simon Arnold, Jan Rolle, Jens Buschenlange, Silas Engel and Lukas Haber (trp), David Sanwald and Sofia Will (a-sax), Darius Blair, Leonard Rehm (t-sax), William Schwenger (b-sax), Gregor Sperzel, Max Strauch, Linda Reinhardt (trb), Lukas Aretz (b-trb), Gellert Szabo (g), Leo Bähthe (p), Charly Härtel (b), Robert Pfankuchen (perc), Luca Dechert (drm).

Young German big band jazz

Kicks & Sticks – The Orchestra was founded in 1985 by Wolfgang Diefenbach with the aim of giving talented young musicians the opportunity to receive professional big band training at the highest level.

Today, Kicks & Sticks is considered one of Europe's best youth big band and has been a stepping board in the careers of more than 2,000 young musicians.

Over the years, the orchestra has played concerts in East and South Africa, Hungary, Australia, Romania, Southeast Asia, South America, Poland, Canada, Russia, Japan, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cyprus, Greece, the Middle East, New York and elsewhere.

Kicks & Sticks plays everything from the classic big band repertoire, e.g., Duke Ellington and Count Basie, to modern jazz composed or arranged for the orchestra.

In addition to swing, they also take their audience on a virtuosic expedition through South America and play Latin American jazz music from Brazil and Cuba all the way to New York's Latin scene.

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17:00 - 18:00

Cover charge FREE


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