Cæcilie Norby & Hess/Vuust/Vuust Trio ((DK))


Cæcilie Norby & Hess/Vuust/Vuust Trio ((DK))

Cæcilie Norby (voc), Nikolaj Hess (p), Peter Vuust (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Jazz that bridges musical worlds

Cæcilie Norby has had an impressive career that only a few people in Denmark have managed to imitate.

She had her real breakthrough almost 30 years ago in the jazz/rock band Frontline, became a must-have in every record collection with the pop/rock group OneTwo and later returned to jazz, where she has achieved great recognition.

Cæcilie Norby constantly builds bridges with her music: She attracts fans of both classical music, jazz and pop as well as everyone else who loves a good tune.

Together with Hess/Vuust/Vuust Trio - Nikolaj Hess (piano), Peter Vuust (bass) and Mikkel Vuust (drums) – she will perform a show with jazz at the very highest level at Tir Na Nóg.

Nikolaj Hess is one of the most widely featured pianists in both Danish and international contexts. He recently published Nikolaj Hess Micro Chapters and Nikolaj Hess Rhapsody, won the award for this jazz release of the year at DMA 2014 with 3xHess for the record Music for Mum and Dad and played his own music in Lars Von Trier's film Melancholia.

In addition, he has been extremely active on the record and concert front with Nikolaj Hess Trio, Hessismore, Hess/Skou and Caroline Henderson. Over time, he has played with names like Lee Konitz, Benny Golson and Etta Cameron.

Peter Vuust is a professor at Aarhus University and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, head of the Center for Music in the Brain and, additionally, one of the country's busiest sidemen.

He has been featured on more than 90 records and with international jazz stars such as Tim Hagans, Mal Waldron, Ted Curson and Jukkis Uotila.

Peter Vuust is known for his groovy and responsive backing as well as extremely melodious solos. As a composer and bassist, he has published six albums, most recently Leaves of Love featuring Lars Jansson (p), Veronica Mortensen (voc) and Peter Asplund (trp).

Mikkel Vuust, who is 19 years old, is one of the great talents on the Danish jazz scene. He has already performed with names such as Jakob Fisher, Uffe Steen, Henrik Gunde and Hans Esbjerg.





21/07/2019 16:00 - :

Cover charge Kr. 100


Tir Na Nóg
Frederiksgade 40
8000 Aarhus


Tir Na Nóg
(+45) 86 19 19 10

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