Morten Haugshøj Group – Jammin' Edition (DK)


Morten Haugshøj Group – Jammin' Edition (DK)

Original tunes and hip standards

With a strong team of some of the country's best jazz musicians, jazz guitarist Morten Haugshøj released The Street Doctor last year, an album that exudes nerve, vitality and strong melodies.

The style is melodic, modern jazz with New York wildness seasoned with Nordic romance and lyricism. It makes a concert with Morten Haugshøj Group a relevant and intense experience, where one can enjoy the excellent musicians and their virtuosic level, energy and ensemble, as well as simply listening to some cool songs.

The reviewers were very excited. Gaffa called The Street Doctor an international-grade album, and Fyens Stiftstidende, its five-star review, wrote: "Seldom do we hear such a solid ensemble on Danish soil."

The acclaimed jazz journal All About Jazz believed that the album was "a perfect symbiosis between lyrical jazz and modern jazz", while Jazz Special called it highly recommendable and wrote that "everything is at a high level" and that "the music is handled superiorly".

This concert is a so-called "Jammin' Edition", where the group plays and jams over both original material and hip standards.



Morten Haugshøj (g), Jesper Løvdal (sax), Thomas Sejthen (b), Frederik Bülow (drm)

  • Morten Haugshøj Group – Jammin' Edition
  • Morten Haugshøj Group – Jammin' Edition

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