Bagland & I Just Came From The Moon (DK)


Bagland & I Just Came From The Moon (DK)

Hope, joy, longing and melancholy

On this evening, two bands rooted in Aarhus, both of which have characterised the lyrical Nordic jazz scene, come together for two concerts filled with hope and joy, longing and melancholy.

In Just Came From The Moon
An enthusiastic crowd of critics have taken a liking to I Just Came From The Moon and praised the Aarhus-based quintet for its ability to unite the inner fragility of jazz with a more modern indie sound.

The band has made every effort to live up to the praise, both through their victory in Ung Jazz in 2016, the debut album Hoax the following year and, most recently, the release of the live EP National Strangers Association, which was accompanied by three evocative live videos.

With well-attended concerts throughout Denmark, two shows at the Oslo Jazz Festival 2018 and a showcase for the EFG London Jazz Festival 2018 as Nordic Jazz Comets, I Just Came From The Moon is more than ready to present its music to the rest of the world.

The next stop on the journey is Jazzahead in Bremen 2019 at Jazz Danmark's Club Night.

"The five musicians provide nuances and life so that music just comes down from the moon - and embraces."
- About Hoax. Kjeld Fransen, Berlingske. October 2017.

The quintet consists of five musicians, all of whom are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian sound. The music is inspired by the deserted and open Nordic landscape.

Lyrical melodies characterise the compositions, which contain both hope and joy, longing and melancholy.

In 2015, the quintet was nominated for a Danish Music Award Jazz for the critically acclaimed debut release Bagland.

“Occasionally, debut records appear that deserve the highest amount of praise. Trumpeter Jakob Sørensen's album Bagland belongs in this rare category.”
Niels Overgård -

In July 2016, the EP NOMAD, which is a natural follow-up to the debut album, was released. The title track contributed to bandleader Jakob Sørensen being named the new jazz name of the year 2017.

Bagland recently released their third record Cirkel.

"Cirkel is an album for quiet times when pleasure and thoughts are on the agenda."
Jazz And Beyond



I Just Came From The Moon: Nis Hellerøe Myrtue (sax), Jonas Scheffler (trp), Nikolaj Bugge (g), Frederik Hagner (b), Tobias Andreassen (drm)

Bagland: Jakob Sørensen (trp), Alex Jønsson (g), Mathias Jæger (key), Frederik Sakham (b), Frej Lesner (drm)

  • Bagland & I Just Came From The Moon
  • Bagland & I Just Came From The Moon

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