T.S. Høeg – outertaining, poesi og musik (DK)


T.S. Høeg – outertaining, poesi og musik (DK)

T.S. Høeg (sax, poetry)

Meet a language equilibrist with a command of words and notes

The now 60-year-old author, saxophonist, composer, bandleader and outertainer T.S. Høeg has performed and toured throughout all of the earth's continents.

He debuted in 1981 with the short novel Træer vinkler vandstråle i en kort forvitret sommer and has since published a large number of books, short stories, poems, novels, plays etc. - most recently the book Très tres.

On his alto saxophone and soprano saxophone, he is currently mostly known for his solo outertainer shows or as part of the group The Way Out, but he is also still a part of the heavy jazz trio Cockpit Music, which has existed since 1978.

T. S. Høeg has, among other things, recorded with Black Sol, Düreforsög and Goodiepal as well as with his own bands Dane TS Hawk 3 and the tentet Dane TS Hawk & the Locomotion Starsemble.

His travels are many and count Nigeria, where he experienced playing with Fela Kuti. He has performed with Cockpit Music in a pre-war Syria, performed in a war-torn Iraq, been with a caravan of merry musicians to Hanover, performed in a duo with Benny Andersen in Egypt and as a solo-outertainer in Macedonia.

T. S. Høeg is a language equilibrist and an original - a tennis playing, all-knowing and omnipresent writer and musician.

The concert is part of :


Two-day improv festival at COLABS

The Community, COLABS and Knud's Kiosk host a two-day festival from 17 - 18 July filled with experimental music and improvisation.

Imagine two summer nights where the garage door open and you go inside to be enthralled by the experimental sounds in the light of the mirrorball or head outside a enjoy a glass of wine in the sun in between the shows in the small yard in front of COLABS.

Spanning generations, we present some of the most interesting acts from the Aarhus scene combined with artists from the pulsating Copenhagen free jazz scene. 

There will be DJs before, after and between the shows and cheap food and beer will be sold. A jazz party awaits.


Wednesday 17 July

7.00 pm DJ T.S. Hawk
8.00 pm Coriolis (Dybbroe/Wiklund/Pi/Bertel/LaBianca)
9.00 pm Lasse Sonne
10.00 pm Horse Orchestra
11.00 pm Pitsiokos/Dybjerg/Eiler
12.00 pm DJ Dorsk

Thursday 18 July

7.00 pm T.S. Høeg – outertaining, poesi og musik
8.00 pm P.O. Jørgens/Mads Egtoft 
9.00 pm Snöleoparden med vennner
10.00 pm Gud Er Kvinde (Johs Lund and Maria Bertel)
11.00 pm Storbandsimprovisationer feat. T.S. Høeg
12.00 pm DJ Eiler

The community is an international collective of improvisation musicians working to connect and expand the network of improvisers and musicians worldwide.

We believe in the strength of cooperation and the importance of diversity and freedom of expression in music and life.

The Community was founded in 2014 and the core of the association today consists of Nana Pi, Mia Dyberg, Maria Dybbroe, Jonathan Aardestrup, Jan Pranev and Asger Thomsen, based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Fredericia and Aarhus.



19:00 - 00:00
Cover charge Kr. 100
Én dag med fire koncerter: 100 kr. / Studerende 50 kr.
Partout - to dage med ni koncerter: 150 kr.


Jægergårdsgade 156 S
DK-8000 Aarhus C


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