Thomas Fryland – Hasse Poulsen (DK)


Thomas Fryland – Hasse Poulsen (DK)

Thomas Fryland (trp, flh), Hasse Poulsen (g)

Good melodies, improvisation and closeness

It may seem surprising that two musicians like Hasse Poulsen and Thomas Fryland come together as a duo. One is known as avant-garde with a long series of unpredictable bands and releases behind him while the other is the epitome of the virtuoso classic jazz trumpeter with a great international career behind him.

However, the music ties them together: the love of the good tune, the improvisation, the fervor and the presence that music creates makes them the perfect team.

The fact that they can draw on their rich and multicolored experiences means that they can lead even the simple and rigorous music that they like into deep and surprising worlds.

The duo joins the series of jazz duos such as Fitzgerald/Pass, Shepp/Parlan and Coleman/Kühn.



Thomas Fryland (trp, flh), Hasse Poulsen (g)

  • Thomas Fryland – Hasse Poulsen

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