Kristoffer Gori Verdoner Trio ((DK))


Kristoffer Gori Verdoner Trio ((DK))

Kristoffer Gori Verdoner (g), Mathias Maagard Gregersen (b), Casper Simonsen (drm)

Dirty and dusty Nordic jazz

Beautiful melodies that elegantly connect chords in new and creative ways meet the nerve and grime of blues, soul and rock.

In Kristoffer Gori Verdoner's compositions, the melody takes the leading role but receives plenty of color and counteraction from the chords and the rhythms of the music.

Kristoffer Gori Verdoner is an active guitarist and composer. During the 10's, he has appeared hundreds of times, both as frontman and sideman with everything from jazz, blues, pop, rock, R'n'B and hip hop to various big band projects.

In addition to performing in Denmark, he has had gigs in Germany, Poland, Spain, Egypt, England, Canada and the United States.

At his concert, you will hear some of his newer compositions and a few songs from the debut album Frigga Feetless & Friends, which he released in 2015.


12/07/2019 18:00 - :

Cover charge Kr. 30
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