Riepler/Mogensen/Tjalve/Bjørnskov (AT/DK)


Riepler/Mogensen/Tjalve/Bjørnskov (AT/DK)

Hannes Riepler (g), Esben Tjalve (p), Torben Bjørnskov (b), Anders Mogensen (drm)

Swinging grooves and modern jazz compositions

Led by guitarist Hannes Riepler, the quartet will play a number of his and pianist Esben Tjalve's songs as well as select jazz standards.

Expect swinging grooves and modern jazz compositions, catchy tunes and lots of improvisation, intensity and energy.

Hannes Riepler and Esben Tjalve have worked together for many years on the English jazz scene, and when Hannes Riepler played at Aarhus Jazz festival last year, the two also met drummer Anders Mogensen and bassist Torben Bjørnskov.

Now, the four of them meet again at this year's festival and play a concert at the cozy jazz venue Erling's Jazz & Beer Bar.

Hannes Riepler is an Austrian guitarist. He studied jazz guitar in Amsterdam and moved to London in 2006 to attend the Guildhall School of Music. There, he quickly became part of the interesting London jazz scene. His most recent release is the album Wild Life with American saxophonist Chris Cheek.

Esben Tjalve grew up in Denmark, but moved to London in September 2000 to study at The Royal Academy Of Music. Esben Tjalve has been part of the English jazz scene for 17 years and has also composed music for movies, TV and documentaries. He has previously released an album with the band name Red Kite, which is set to release a new album in the fall of 2019.

Torben Bjørnskov is a prominent musician on the Danish jazz scene and has contributed to a large number of albums - several as a solo act with a special focus on the Nordic influence in the music, although his musical background is strongly influenced and inspired by American jazz tradition. He has toured most of Europe with detours to the US and Mexico.

For over two decades, drummer Anders Mogensen has been one of the most sought after musicians on the Danish and international jazz scene. He has been a member of revolutionary bands such as When Granny Sleeps, Jacob Anderskov Trio, Doky Brothers, Kasper Tranberg Yakuza Zhuffle and Lovedale and Copenhagen Art Ensemble. In addition, he has toured and recorded with lots of well-known American and European jazz musicians.





20:00 - 22:00
Cover charge Kr. 60


Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
Nørreport 8
DK-8000 Aarhus C


Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
(+45) 28517962

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