Ann Farholt (DK)

Ann Farholt (voc, trb). and others

A knack for swing and respect for tradition

Ann Farholt is one of the most renowned singers in the Danish jazz world. She formed a musical duo with Jesper Thilo for many years. In 1994, she started her first band, which led to several CDs ever since.

Ann Farholt also displayed more popular talent as she sang in Bakkens Hvile for several summers.

With her beautiful voice, she has found her interpretive roots in the likes of Mills Brothers, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Anita O'day.

Ann Farholt has a built-in feel for swing music, and with her personal perception of all the well-known standard melodies, she maintains respect for tradition.

The scat style, which she became familiar with in collaboration with Richard Boone, is also one of her favorites.

All these things, plus a close collaboration with Allan Fromberg, Ole Nezer and Jesper Thilo, allow her to stand today as an experienced and full-fledged jazz artist with a great connection with her musicians and audience.




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Cockney Pub
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