Tabasco Beat (DK)


Tabasco Beat (DK)

Karsten Berger (g), Knud Erik Steengaard (vio), Anders Nyløkke Jørgensen (b), Svend Eeg (drm)

Danish world musicians in top form

Tabasco Beat consists of musicians who draw on many years of experience from the Aarhus music scene - especially in the diverse genre known as world music. Tabasco Beat is inspired by music from all over the world – but probably especially from "the warm countries".

Apart from a punk-inspired version of a Bulgarian folk tune, all songs are composed by Karsten Berger. Together, the band develops the music without critical judgment as to whether others could think of playing something similar. Therefore, you cannot expect anything known or predictable, but if you listen and let yourself be carried away, you might discover something new.

The music is carried by the belief that nothing is difficult or strange – maybe just unfamiliar to playing or listen to. Tabasco Beat performs in close contact with the audience and spices up the music with storytelling about the individual tracks.

The orchestra has roots in, among others, XINGU, which diligently haunted venues, schools, and other institutions in the 1980s. Over the past few years, Tabasco Beat has found its current instrumentation and (top) form. There should be music for those who heard orchestras like Istanbul Express and Bazaar in the previous century, and for the young audience with an affinity for roots, polka-dot, world-jazz and the like.




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Klostertorvet 6
DK-8000 Aarhus C
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