Paraphrasing (DK)

Jens Christian Kwella (g), Torben Bjørnskov (b), Martin Klausen (drm)

Jazz with nerve and swing

Paraphrasing as about the noble art of its namesake. In a virtuosic fashion, they work on melodies and harmonies from the jazz repertoire, creating new themes and interpretations in the process. The trio plays with nerve and a solid swing while emphasizing ensemble, interaction, and unpredictability.

All three musicians have been a part of the Danish jazz scene for 30 years, and from the combined 90 years of experience, an intense ensemble and present expression arises.

Jens Christian Kwella has been one of the guiding forces on the Aarhus jazz scene for 25 years, has released seven albums, and been featured on several others. The latest release was as Kwella/Bjørnskov with the critically acclaimed album Slowing Down The Tune in the fall of 2018. One reviewer wrote:

"Jens Christian Kwella commands a fit and richly faceted playing style, and his compositions are indicative of a musician with a sense of both the larger scale and the minute detail."

Torben Bjørnskov has performed and toured in most of the world and worked with musicians from a wide range of countries, especially the United States and Scandinavia. The concerts have taken place in very small venues as well as major international venues, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Royal Festival Hall in London. Also, he contributes to a large number of studio and live recordings, including several of his own albums.

Martin Klausen has just taken over as director of the rhythmic programs at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalbrog, and has been Sigurd Barrett's regular drummer for many years.



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