Klüvers Trio (DK)

Jens Klüver (sax), Esben Tjalve (p), Torben Bjørnskov (b)

Gems by famous soloists

Jens Klüver, former head of Klüvers Big Band for 35 years, has during the last seven years devoted himself to playing the saxophone in his own bands and performed with various big bands both as a soloist and conductor. Jens Klüver is a trained clarinetist from the academy in Aarhus and plays alt, tenor, and soprano saxophone.

Pianist Esben Tjalve graduated from the jazz department of The Royal Academy of Music in Lond. In addition, he holds a master's degree in composition from The Guildhall School Of Music. Esben For the past 17 years, Esben Tjalve has been part of the English jazz scene but moved to Aarhus in 2016 where he started a collaboration with Jens Klüver.

Bass player Torben Bjørnskov has played with both foreign soloists and Danish bands and has released albums.

The trio plays a broad repertoire focusing on songs written by well-known jazz soloists such as Dexter Gordon, Thelonius Monk, Keith Jarrett, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Egberto Gismonti, as well as Esben Tjalve and Jens Klüver.



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  • Klüvers Trio
  • Klüvers Trio