Jesper Zeuthen/Jacob Anderskov/Anders Vestergaard (DK)


Jesper Zeuthen/Jacob Anderskov/Anders Vestergaard (DK)

Jesper Zeuthen (sax), Jacob Anderskov (p), Anders Vestergaard (drm)

Live and physical music – both challenging and conciliatory

When this trio plays at Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar, they are backed by their critically acclaimed and award-winning album Out of the Spectacle.

The group's music is the product of a multi-year collaboration between three improvisational musicians from three different generations, who place themselves somewhere between textural improvisation, expressive free jazz, and abstract soul.

It is direct and physical music that meets the audience in both challenging and conciliatory ways, and which is emotionally spacious and multidimensional.

The trio has developed a personal interaction where influences, dynamics, and intentions float freely between one another, merging in synergy and splintering in abstraction, where the goal is to create space rather than take up space. It's a kind of redeeming blues for the big spectacle.

Jesper Zeuthen is one of Danish jazz's most distinct and uncompromising alto saxophonists. A saxophonist with his very own sound and tone, always in search of personal expression in his music. Since the 60s, he has been an indispensable figure on the frontier of the experimental part of the jazz scene, including in Blue Sun, New Jungle Orchestra, Zeuthen – Friis – Mazur and, in recent years, in collaboration with skilled young musicians where his deeply personal approach to music has inspired new generations.

Jacob Anderskov is one of the most original pianists in the country and has received several awards for his music since his debut in 2001. He has played with Michael Formanek, Chris Speed and Airto Moreira, and others. He is also a professor at RMC in Copenhagen.

The youngest of the three, drummer Anders Vestergaard, is everywhere on the Danish underground scene and is known for his personal touch on the drum kit. He is part of the bands Boujeloud, Girls in Airports, Yes Deer, and has played with Evan Parker, Lotte Anker, Thomas Morgan, and others.



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