Caktus (DK)

Maria Dybbroe and Zeki Jindyl (sax), Thorbjørn Kaas (vc, b), Frederik Hagner (b), Tobias Andreassen (drm)

Improvisation and experimentation based on tight compositions

"Caktus". Here, two double basses rest on their sides. A set of drums. A silver alto sax. Another one in gold ... Silence waits outside ... A fluttering fog roars in the horns, and "Stærk Strøm" breaks loose on drums and basses ... Here there are new roles for the instruments. The hierarchy is broken. One orchestra. Not solo, solos, the regular stuff. But just a passage for a single instrument or two. Composition focusing on the instruments doubles. It creates unique opportunities for sound and resonance.” Sonja LaBianca, Dagbladet Information, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, July 2018.

Caktus' music moves from fragile to strong - beautiful and violent - chamber music and grooves. Cactus is close to being a double trio, with two basses and two saxes. Through this unity and reflection, themes are mirrored, turned, twisted, and challenged.

The band, led by Maria Dybbroe for the past three years, has received wide attention from, among others, P8 Jazz, at Winter Jazz, and at the jazz festivals in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The acoustic sound is at the forefront as well as the desire to experiment and improvise in and out of the otherwise tight compositions.

Caktus originates from Aarhus from a distinct band environment across genres, where musicians are known from bands such as Yune, Kiss, The New Family, Bear With Me, Narcosatanicos, Josiah Konder, and I Just Came From the Moon. Their debut album will be released in September 2020.

Mini-festival at COLABS - Sunday, July 12
For the third year in a row, the improvisational collective The Community and the design company Knud's Kiosk in collaboration with DMF to a mini-festival during the Aarhus Jazz Festival/Sommerjazz packed with acoustically experimental music and improvisation.

The program offers local heroes, strong solo concerts, poetry, hot DJs, and innovative music.

Imagine a summer evening in the courtyard in front of the old garage, where you can enjoy a glass of wine in the sun during the concerts and forget about the corona for a while.

The rustic setting of the industrial harbor environment and the slaughterhouse right next door are perfect for creating an informal atmosphere and opening up the music to a wide audience in a festive and inclusive way. The music can already be heard when you stroll down Jægergårdsgade and follow the sound of something new.

3.00 PM: DJ TS Hawk.
4.00 PM: Lars Greve Solo.
5.00 PM: Cactus.
6.30 PM: T.S. High Outertaining.
7.30 PM: Ned Ferm/Kresten Osgood.
9.00 PM: Slim0.
10.00 PM: DJ B-Magic Samples.



Cover charge Kr. 120
100 kr. for studerende.
Billetten gælder hele dagen – til alle fem koncerter.


Jægergårdsgade 156 S
DK-8000 Aarhus C

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